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"Find the Funny!"

Jacci Andersen, CLL-E

Wellness & Laughter Coach; Laughter Leader Expert & Joyologist

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Laughter is Jacci's Life!
It all started when she was in 2nd grade and created a story stating what she wanted to do when she grew up…  “Jacci wanted to play, play all day”.  Now she gets to live her purpose while impacting the lives of others.  “Improving the World…One Laugh at a Time “quickly became of the motto of Andersen-Wellness., which was established in 2018.
After spending many years in retail leadership, financial sales and financial leadership, Jacci realized she could now pursue her purpose in life…working with people and organizations to change their perspective and “Find the Funny” in every day life adversities.  Happiness is a choice.  People just need a little support to get there at times.
Jacci has a BA in Management and Marketing.  She was trained to be a Certified Laughter Leader – Expert, National Trainer and Joyologist through World Laughter Tour.  Jacci expanded her training with Patch Adams, M.D., attending a Caring Clowns mission trip to Costa Rica with the ‘real’ Patch Adams, M.D. (Movie featured Robin Williams as Patch Adams.)  Jacci is a founding member of Comedy for Communities, a Not-for-Profit Organization, providing a source of comedic relief after a tragedy strikes an area anywhere in the world.  Jacci is also an active member of AATH (Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor) and Heart Math Institute.
Jacci’s desire is to bring HOPE to those feeling hopeless; laughter to those who find it hard to laugh; and to help ALL people “Find the FUNNY in everyday situations
Check Jacci out at, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In.  Call her at 708-655-5113 if you would like to discuss a program/session for your company or organization.

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