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“Jacci has an infectious personality that everyone can relate to”

Stephen Lewandowski
Laughter Session Attendee 


“What a wonderful way to relieve stress & learn how laughter can change my entire day.  The way Jacci related laughter to work/stress made it all so real.”

Patrick Gamgort
Laughter Session Attendee


“Jacci is very excited about bringing laughter into people’s lives and it shows.  She makes you feel the exact same way.”

Julie Lewandowski
Laughter Session Attendee


“Jacci tailored her approach to our needs and objectives, with our entire team benefitting from the knowledge and tactics she shared.  While not surprised, Jacci was engaging and knowledgeable, just as I anticipated.  I was impressed with the experience and activities that were included in the presentation.  Also, Jacci’s accommodation of our specific audience needs and situations was refreshing and unique.”

Rebekah Carlson
Carlson Integrated Owner


“Loved moving around and “being silly.  Great data.”


“I laughed until my sides hurt!  But to my surprise this wasn’t just pure silliness – the activities are grounded in hard science, motivating me to take laughter “seriously” and make a concerted effort to add more of it to my daily life.”

Sherri E.
Bentonville, AR

“Jacci reminded me to ‘slow down and BREATHE’.”

Kathy Pierce
Laughter Session Attendee

“I was skeptical before I came & wasn’t sure what to expect.  The class exceeded my expectations & I can’t wait to start trying some of the exercises we learned in class!”

Shadow Valley Laughter Session Attendee

“Good Facts.  Liked the correlation to real world situations.  Thought the session was informative and would be beneficial to many types of people.”

Shadow Valley Laughter Session Attendee

“Loved the energy & practical exercises.  You can’t help but laugh during the session – and then it becomes ‘real’ not forced.”

Ann Erixon
Laughter Session Attendee

“Especially like the super high energy.  I learned to breathe & laugh, and how to de-stress in the work environment.”

Shadow Valley Laughter Session Attendee
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